Sunday, 15 December 2019

Tour of 2K19 towards Northwest In Bike

Someone once said “Happiness is a path, not a destination” and I know its very true when i started to travel in bike.I have plans to visit many places in bike for this year and then one of my friend called and we both decided to go Goa for a bike trip. We are 2 person in two bike, both are Royal Enfield HIMALAYAN. We don’t have much plans to do in Goa, only thing we wanted is to go there in a bike.
It was really a very long trip, we never expected it will take this long(almost 2 days). We started at 6:00AM in Coimbatore, that was off course a very good thing to start early, So we can avoid traffic and go through in our way. Our first stop was Kozhikode, were we had our authentic kerala cuisine break fast. Then we started our ride by visiting all the important places throughout the way, like we visited St. Angelo fort in Kannur, Bekal fort in Bekal. By the end of day 1 we reached Mangalore (almost covered 480km) and we stayed there. We took too many breaks, almost every 100KM. We made this trip during monsoon, so the views and roads was too good but we have face rains in many places and almost we reached mangalore by around 7pm


Day 2: We started our ride next day by 6AM. We had a cup of tea and took our bikes, we knew today weather will be too rough and we have to face heavy rains. So we got prepared to this and started our ride. our first stop was Udupi and we had our breakfast there and we continued our ride to Murudeshwara temple. It was almost 160Km from Mangalore. We reached Murudeshwara by around 11.00AM, it was a wonderful view to see a huge Shiva statue surrounded by three sides of water. After seeing this wonderful sight, we headed to Gokarna. We reached Gokarna around 2Pm had our lunch and we were roaming in the streets and we visited Om beach, we relaxed there for sometime and we started towards Goa. Our next stop was Karwar, in our way we planned to visit the Karwar port, first they didn't allow us to get inside, we requested those officers to visit the goods Ship which was there, finally they gave permission for us to visit that ship, that was first time for me to getting into a goods ship. Then after this we started our ride again. After a long ride we finally reached Goa. We booked our room in Colva beach and we ended our ride for that day. We reached South Goa around 6Pm and we covered almost 530Km in the second day. We were there in full tired, once we reached room, we had our dinner and we slept off.

Day 3: Next day we woke around 9 in the morning and we spend some time in the beach, then we got ready, vacated the room and took our bikes to explore around South Goa. We covered some of the beaches and some tourist attraction places. Then we headed towards North Goa which is the actual part place. We had our lunch there in a restaurants suggested by the local, I had awesome Goan fish thali. We decided to stay near to Baga beach. While On the way my bike got some problem, so we went to Royal Enfield Garage Cafe to service my bike. After resolving that we headed to our room. We reached room around 4Pm, we planned to take rest sometime and fresh up ourselves and start to roam. Then we started to beach around 5:30Pm. We had great time in beach and we did some shopping and had nice fun. Then we headed back to room, packed our things to start back to home and slept.

Day 4: As we planned to start as early as possible, rain stopped our way. So we could start around by only 7Am. Our main aim was to cover as much distance we can able to cover. But rain made our ride harder and harder. First we planned to wait for rain to stop, but it didn't, so we planned to start our ride in that rain. It was really dangerous. Even though we planned to visit Jog falls (which is the second largest falls in India). The route was through Sirsi, Where the roads were towards the hills and forest. It was the best ever roads and views I saw in my life. We reached Jog Falls around 11:00Am. It was freezing cold and it was continuously raining. After seeing the wonderful views of the falls, we headed towards Hassan. The route through which we went was absolutely amazing and it was full of adventure. While we reached Shivamogga, we were full drenched in water and we felt so cold. We couldn't continue our ride after that. So we decided to take room in Shivamogga and we stayed there. We reached Shivamogga around 4:00Pm and covered only 420Km on that day. Still 500Km left to reach home.

Day 5: The next day somehow there was no rain and clouds were clear and the sun was out. It was really happy to see that view. So as we should ride so much distance to reach home, we started around 5Am in the morning. We haven't planned to visit any places through our way. Our only thing is to reach our home soon. Around 1Pm we reached Mysore. The roads were really good but there were too many bumps through out the way. once we reached Mysore there were only 240Km to home. We planned to eat some snacks and start our way back home. By crossing Thimbum we entered Tamil Nadu, then we finally reached home by around 4Pm.

This is the most memorable trip that i have ever went. This is the first time which I covered this much long distance. Had a very good experience, met lot of new people, got many new friends, explored many places, tried variety of foods etc... I should really thank people who helped in the tough times and Hotel people who gave complimentary food and people who helped to many local places. It's just a beginning ,There is lot more to come.............

Round trip distance : 2000 km
Coimbatore > Kozhikode > Kannur >Manglore >Udupi > Murudeshwar > Gokarna >Karwar > Goa
Goa > Dandeli > Sirsi > Jog falls > Shivamogga > Arsikere > Hasan > Mysuru > Coimbatore


  1. you are rocking bro next trip me and prasanna will accompany you
    -- Ramprasad

  2. Hi it's me Yuthi. Nice job๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘❤️๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘